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Segway B110 50cc Equivalent Electric Moped - Special Offer


£1,349.00 plus on the road fees*

Discover and drive the first smart Segway eMoped B110S to a colorful world full of fun and excitement! Drive anywhere with ease thanks to the range of up to 105 km* and take advantage of a host of new features such as the Airlock system, NFC tags, Smart Seat Detection and Auto-Lock mode. In addition, the eMoped offers maximum comfort thanks to its cruise control mode. Its fresh look, lightweight frame and easy-to-use features make it the perfect eMoped for riding the streets of your city!

  • Range up to 105 km*
  • Smart Lock/Unlock System (RideyGo)
  • Airlock System
  • NFC tags for unlock / lock
  • Smart features in the mobile app
  • Anti-theft function with AHRS
  • Sensor Detection (Parking and Seating)
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • A movable battery is included
  • EBS: Energy-restoring braking system
  • Roadworthy including registration

Park and leave with Airlock

Rest assured knowing that your eMoped is safe after you park it. Once activated on the mobile app, the Airlock system will automatically lock your eMoped when you walk away or approach within 2-10 meters. You can also lock your handlebars in an instant for extra security of your Segway eMoped B110S.

Anti-theft activated by AHRS

Thanks to the AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System), the eBrommer is anti-theft protected. With an integrated 4G-compatible SIM card and GPS, you can track the location of the eMoped at any time. With or without a battery, the smart security system of the Segway B110S detects any irregular movement and sends notifications to your smartphone within seconds to inform you. If your eMoped is locked with the battery in it, the alarm system will be activated by unusual actions, such as pushing, moving or trying to open the vehicle.

Smart seat and parking stand detection

Thanks to the two powerful sensors on both the seat and the parking stand, the system assesses whether the eMotor is ready to drive safely. As soon as the eMotor is parked with the parking stand off or the rider is not sitting on the seat, the orange light will remain on the LED info screen and the vehicle will not be able to drive. Not even when gas is applied. Once you're seated correctly, the parking stand is folded, the info screen turns green and you're READY to go!

Regenerative braking system

The front disc brake is coupled with the rear drum brake to ensure fast and stable braking. The EABS system recovers energy to the battery to increase the range and take you further.

Connect/disconnect: it is that easy to charge your eMoped!

Our Segway eMoped is equipped with lithium batteries, these are high-quality and environmentally friendly batteries.
With the Segway B110S, the battery is easy to remove from under the saddle, plug in and it only takes 4 hours to fully charge. It is also possible to leave the battery in the Segway eBrommer B110S and charge it directly from the vehicle (a socket has been specially designed on the eBrommer for this).
As soon as the 4 green LED lights are on or you see on the mobile app that the eBrommer is fully charged, you are ready to enjoy your ride with a range of up to 105 km

Two NFC tags to lock and unlock

There are two ways to unlock and lock the eMoped: the Airlock system and the NFC tags. Two NFC tags are supplied with the eBrommer: you just have to hold the NFC tag above the dashboard to lock and unlock the eBrommer. It's that simple.

Unlock many smart functionalities with the mobile app

You do not need a physical key for the eMoped! In addition to the NFC Tags system, you have an integrated smart key on your smartphone via the Segway-Ninebot app.
The smart mobile app also offers many other useful functionalities such as:
– Locking and unlocking the eBrommer (Airlock system)
– Provides data for every ride
– Tells where you parked
– Anti-theft system: sends notifications when the eMoped moves and lets you track it
– Gives you access to after-sales service
– And many more useful functionalities on the Segway eMoped B110S

Please note that after the first 2 years of purchasing the eMoped, the 4G subscription is no longer free, regardless of the transfer of ownership.

Halo-shaped headlight

The Segway B110S has a halo-shaped LED headlight on the front that gives the eBrommer a retro look. The headlamp consists of an inner and outer ring light, both of which are on continuously. This way you have a better view and you are better seen on your Segway eMoped B110S 

Take advantage of the Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

The Segway eScooter has the Smart Battery Management System (BMS) 6.0 which ensures a longer battery life and offers several smart functions.

Thanks to the BMS 6.0, the eScooter requires less maintenance. Not only will it monitor the amount of power, control the charging speed, and adjust real-time information when the battery runs out, but it will also prevent the battery from overcharging/undercharging.


*On the road fees are £150 for 1st Registration, Pre Delivery Inspection and L Plates.

Pass Bike are proud to be main dealers for Segway at our Motorcycle Centre at Yard 2, 8 Purdeys Way, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1NE. UK Wide Delivery and Finance are available please contact us for more information.


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